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NDI: Dance it Out Backstagevid

NDI: Dance it Out Backstage

Come with me backstage at the NDI shows!---Main Website: http://www.manufactured1987.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jilly_peppaBuzznet: http://www.jillypeppa.buzznet.com Tumblr http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com/
jillypeppa Jul 28, 2012
My first Music Video Cameo: BREEDLOVE's New York City Rooftopvid
Patricia Field, Breedlove Music Video, Morevid

Patricia Field, Breedlove Music Video, & More

It's been almost 3weeks since my last video, here is part one of what has happened since...---Main Website: http://www.manufactured1987.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jilly_peppaBuzznet: http://www.jillypeppa.buzznet.com Tumblr http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com/
jillypeppa Jul 08, 2012
Event week.pic

Event week.

Last couple of weeks have been full of fun events/parties with little to no sleep. I always put work before parties of course! So when…
jillypeppa Jun 14, 2012
Travel to Paradise.vid

Travel to Paradise.

The best things in life are free...well if only traveling was. Heres a bit of my life in Dominican Republic---Main Website: http://www.manufactured1987.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jilly_peppaBuzznet: http://www.jillypeppa.buzznet.com Tumblr…
jillypeppa Jun 06, 2012
Color Me UP, Baby!vid

Color Me UP, Baby!

It's time to add some color back in my life.---Main Website: http://www.manufactured1987.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jilly_peppaBuzznet: http://www.jillypeppa.buzznet.com Tumblr http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com/
jillypeppa May 29, 2012
2 Weeks Vacation.pic

2 Weeks Vacation.

Just got back from my two week of paradise! Can't wait to show you all the fun i had!   xo-Jillian
jillypeppa May 28, 2012
The Day, Kony2012.vid

The Day, Kony2012.

It was such an amazing day being yet again a part of history.---Main Website: http://www.manufactured1987.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jilly_peppaBuzznet: http://www.jillypeppa.buzznet.com Tumblr http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com/
jillypeppa May 09, 2012
Sad Sick Daypic

Sad Sick Day

Sick is a word I don't use at all, but for the last two days it's all I am. I for one hate staying home…
jillypeppa May 08, 2012
Get to know Me, Jillian.vid

Get to know Me, Jillian.

Why am I so close to the cam? Ugggg haha.---Main Website: http://www.manufactured1987.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jilly_peppaBuzznet: http://www.jillypeppa.buzznet.com Tumblr http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com/
jillypeppa May 02, 2012
For the love of Puppy's!pic

For the love of Puppy's!

Most of you all know I have a yorkie but a couple months ago we rescued a beautiful Maltese! She's so sweet and loves to…
jillypeppa Apr 26, 2012
Weird Clothes and The Killingvid

Weird Clothes and The Killing

thought i would make a little vloggy vlog, I make new videos here every Wednesday now. YAYA! Forgive me if this video sucks, practice makes…
jillypeppa Apr 25, 2012
Kurt Cobain and Ipic

Kurt Cobain and I

Just last week I was assigned to interview photographer Jesse Frohman and attend the grand opening! He took one of the last couple of photos…
jillypeppa Apr 23, 2012
Every Wednesday!pic

Every Wednesday!

Hello Dear Buzznet! So I just upload my video blog for this Wednesday. I'm going to bring my handy cam everywhere I go and recorded a…
jillypeppa Apr 22, 2012
My Return?pic

My Return?

Hello Buzznet World!! Yes, it is I. It was brought to my attention that I should make a come back. So I thought long about it…
jillypeppa Apr 14, 2012
Life Updated!vid

Life Updated!

Link: My Youtube Page!!!
jillypeppa May 27, 2011
24-twenty four.pic

24-twenty four.

I'll be twenty four in a couple of hours!!! Holy-moley, i can't even believe it! Theres so much i wanna do/say i don't even know…
jillypeppa Apr 29, 2011
a summer place.pic

a summer place.

me about to pass out and failing at making a "sexy" face...haha so i just got back from a crazy night with my friend alex. First…
jillypeppa Apr 16, 2011

Nostalgia Overload!

Today’s announcement that TeenNick will soon begin rerunning many of your favorite Nick shows from years past. Starting this fall, old episodes of Rugrats, Kenan…
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jillypeppa Mar 10, 2011
Broken Arms.pic

Broken Arms.

Hello Buzznet world! Took this photo two nights ago coming from Spider-man Turn Off The Dark on Broadway. Which i didn't understand why people are making…
jillypeppa Mar 04, 2011
Christian Dior Officially Fires Gallianopic

Christian Dior Officially Fires Galliano

The Dior camp has officially confirmed that they have put an end to their relationship with head designer John Galliano - he has been fired…
jillypeppa Mar 01, 2011

Valentines Day: Live at NYC's Bowery Ballroom with Carney.

They have done it again, Carney performed on Valentines Day at Bowery Ballroom...Read the rest of the article HERE
31 new pics
jillypeppa Feb 15, 2011
straight up.pic

straight up.

that's what my dad said today. It made me laugh so much! love when parents say words that you would never expect them to say…
jillypeppa Feb 05, 2011
Dreams DO come true, I know.pic

Dreams DO come true, I know.

Jillian Mercado the new ‘Who Am I?’ Column Editor for PMc Magazine!!! Say what? Yup, your's truly just got a awesome gig! I'll talk more…
jillypeppa Jan 26, 2011
ready or not.pic

ready or not.

hello buzznet! so many great things have happened to me this week i feel like doing a video blog and tell you! So i am...very soon…
jillypeppa Jan 21, 2011

Mona at Mercury Lounge Gallery

These four very attractive guys started Mona in their Nashville, Tennessee basement making music that scored them best debut album of 2011...Read more here: Mona…
22 new pics
jillypeppa Jan 15, 2011
Sneak Peak Of Whats to Come...pic

Sneak Peak Of Whats to Come...

Wait until you see what i have in store for you!!! So many good stuff, so as my camera charges it's self heres a sneak…
jillypeppa Jan 15, 2011
SKINS MTV event featuring Rusko Sleigh Bells.pic

SKINS MTV event featuring Rusko + Sleigh Bells.

I'll be attending the SKINS MTV party tonight for Buzznet! Pretty excited to take so many great party people photos of guest and recap the…
jillypeppa Jan 14, 2011


I may look super sleepy in this photo...theirs a perfect reason...i woke up at 6am!! for no reason. Let me explain: So my sister and…
jillypeppa Jan 06, 2011


Yayaya! Thank you so much for everything! I dont even know what to say...I LOVE YOU! XO
jillypeppa Dec 21, 2010
Nicole Richies Marchesa Wedding Dress!pic

Nicole Richie’s Marchesa Wedding Dress!

Nicole Richie's dress finally surfed the web! Fashionista.com had this photo on their website today and i was going crazy. They say that other photos…
jillypeppa Dec 15, 2010
Free Stuff!!!pic

Free Stuff!!!

[CLOSED] Oh yeah, who doesn't love free stuff especially if its worth it. I'm having an awesome contest on my other blog Manufactured1987, the photo above…
jillypeppa Dec 03, 2010
Good Company.pic

Good Company.

This is how i spent half of my thanksgiving, with good friends. Amanda Lepore had her last Big Top at Carnival party. There were so…
jillypeppa Nov 26, 2010
i truly just dropped.pic

i truly just dropped.

when people say "Ima shop till i drop!" i didnt really ever do it until friday...for the Lanvin H&M collection thats what i did. Boy…
jillypeppa Nov 22, 2010
me too.pic

me too.

So thanksgiving is coming very, very soon! I can smell my familys cooking already, kinda making myself hungry. We all cook together which can make…
jillypeppa Nov 17, 2010
ladylike times.pic

ladylike times.

a photo sent by aviva [our lovely editor for buzznet]. so i have sent my resume to tavi, yes the blogger she is creating with the…
jillypeppa Nov 15, 2010
super duper classy.pic

super duper classy.

okay how classy does this restroom look!? like furrealz i felt like marilyn monroe walking in here. I went to a IC party...i talk all…
jillypeppa Nov 10, 2010
Well, Hello there!pic

Well, Hello there!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, minds went really fast! Then again every weekend goes by fast, especially when you don't want monday to come…
jillypeppa Nov 07, 2010
i think i like you...pic

i think i like you...

just kidding i love you!! tomorrow stay tuned for a NEW BuzzStreetStyle with a good friend of mine, he's cute, funny, and knows how to pick…
jillypeppa Nov 02, 2010


Yayaya most of you on buzznet guessed it right! I've had a intense Halloween weekend to say the least. Links to profiles that guessed right! Jennifer Jewels…
jillypeppa Oct 31, 2010
draw me wonders.pic

draw me wonders.

HOW amazing does that look, i posted this on my twitter a while ago but thought, why not here too?! Pamella an buzznet user too, drew…
jillypeppa Oct 28, 2010
color me please.pic

color me please.

just uploaded some photos on my other blog about my recent book purchase Maripol...check it when you can =] off to have more cmj fun! xo http://manufactured1987.com…
jillypeppa Oct 23, 2010
the tunnelpic

the tunnel

at FIT wasting time at the computer, its funny how every guard here knows me even though everyone needs to show id...haha i wonder when…
jillypeppa Oct 22, 2010
go ahead minnie.pic

go ahead minnie.

us after some intense epic jam'ing session at Bowery Ballroom and CMJ craziness. Holy Ghost was playing and we wouldn't miss it! xo http://manufactured1987.com
jillypeppa Oct 21, 2010
oh yaya, i got a gift!pic

oh yaya, i got a gift!

Okay whats up with this cold wind?! I'm not ready for this yet... A good friend of mine and ex-intern at Allure magazine give me this…
jillypeppa Oct 16, 2010

Carney Live at Piano's NYC Gallery.

For the first time i am trying something new. Writing this review for the Carney show i attended Sunday night 10-10-10 at Pianos will be…
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jillypeppa Oct 11, 2010
Yaya, Lets Dance!pic

Yaya, Lets Dance!

at carnival with worm, raquel, ashley, erica and quesa. at least once a week i try to surround myself with good friends. Something i try to…
jillypeppa Oct 09, 2010


ive been trying to reconnect with people that i haven't seen in a long time or because ive been busy ive pushed them aside...its been…
jillypeppa Oct 02, 2010
someday you'll see.pic

someday you'll see.

I just want to start off by saying sorry for the lack in post lately...it's not you, it's me. haha but not to worry i…
jillypeppa Sep 28, 2010

Hurley's S/S2011 collection

Tunics, camis, jumpers and bright colors are what i got to experience at the Converse Studios checking out an exclusive preview of Hurleys spring/summer collection…
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jillypeppa Sep 24, 2010
the promise.pic

the promise.

at spice in chelsea. Its a Thai restaurant, a very good one if i might add, and pretty cheap. Which is ideal when you have…
jillypeppa Sep 20, 2010
At The Tents afterpartypic

At The Tents afterparty

Jillian SPLASHLIGHT Studios, NYC 091510 © Marie Havens
jillypeppa Sep 17, 2010
What's in my bag for NYFW?pic

What's in my bag for NYFW?

This is what i have to carry during fashion week in order to keep my mind at peace, of course i also carry my canon…
jillypeppa Sep 12, 2010

BuzzStreetStyle Presents: The Last Lick of Summer with OAK Gallery.

The A.OK T-shirt launch and installation. Designers like Cody Critcheloe of the ssion, One-Half Nelson, Cmrtyz and my new bestie Ryan Blomberg presented their collection…
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jillypeppa Sep 03, 2010
Who's bad? Who's bad?pic

Who's bad? Who's bad?

On my way to Home Sweet Home for a party tonight...everyone i know will be there which is pretty sweetness since i havn't seen them…
jillypeppa Aug 24, 2010
touching the stars.pic

touching the stars.

So im here in paradise for 2weeks and its be such an adventure. From swimming in the clear beach to watching shooting stars at night…
jillypeppa Aug 04, 2010
hmmm smells so good!pic

hmmm smells so good!

can you taste it?! Just got back from two interviews for Fall 2010/11,one at Elite Model Management and Siren PR agency. Hopefully i get one…
jillypeppa Jul 30, 2010
who sleeps?pic

who sleeps?

us at carnival yet again, cant get enough of that place! if your ever in the city, totally check it out. i have 5 more days…
jillypeppa Jul 25, 2010


me at the carnival after party for david lachapelle. so im enjoying my summer as much as i can until its all over. beaches,parties, SLEEPING!…
jillypeppa Jul 21, 2010

BuzzStreetStyle: Forever21 on 42nd Street.

Recently the Virgin Mega store close down...which hurt, i had so many good memories as a teen there it was sad to see it go…
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jillypeppa Jul 18, 2010
american jesus.pic

american jesus.

Two days ago was David LaChapelle's art gallery opening in which i attended. I got to meet him which was more than amazing, i still…
jillypeppa Jul 16, 2010
bold pink.pic

bold pink.

im not wearing full makeup this summer except for blush and lipstick. Unless its at night, cause when the suns out it gets really hot! off…
jillypeppa Jul 12, 2010
the odd ones.pic

the odd ones.

the other day i went to Michael Alan's, first exhibition at Gasser Grunert Gallery. His art was amazing, one of those where you have to…
jillypeppa Jul 10, 2010
Lindsay Lohan Off to Jail!pic

Lindsay Lohan Off to Jail!

OHMYGAWD.... no surprise here, something we ALL saw coming, even my dog did. Sooner or later... Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail & 90…
jillypeppa Jul 06, 2010

BuzzStreetStyle: Summer Wear in NYC 2010

As soon as New York One News tells New Yorkers that summer is here, we hide all our coats and shop for new summer wear…
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jillypeppa Jul 02, 2010
see you in paris.pic

see you in paris.

Just the other day i said goodbye to one of my closest friends and co-worker at Allure Magazine, Carla. You might remember her because i…
jillypeppa Jun 28, 2010
dont stop till you get enough.pic

dont stop till you get enough.

this week as been a world wind! Emily's Birthday was sunday then went to my friends launch party which i meet so many designers and…
jillypeppa Jun 25, 2010

New York Prom 2010

High School Prom was a hugeee deal for us and when i saw the New York Magazine post on prom it all came back to…
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jillypeppa Jun 13, 2010
good timespic

good times

i think im going to move to the village soon...i love it down there soooo much! after staying a week at my friends apt im…
jillypeppa Jun 11, 2010

OMG what are you wearing!? Worst hats EVER!

I just can't stop laughing at this post refinery29 did on hats, more like hats go wrong! Okay really guys i wish i knew someone…
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jillypeppa Jun 06, 2010

The Best White Dresses For Summer Days

So i don't know where you live but here in New York City, it's getting hot! Just the other day i was going to the…
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jillypeppa Jun 04, 2010
red,white and blue.pic

red,white and blue.

this week has been quite amazing in a way. Ive been sleeping! which is oh just lovely, i cleaned my room, and to add to it…
jillypeppa Jun 03, 2010


spring is here and its taking us by storm. Sometimes it's 86ish and awesome then at other times your drinking hot coco because your close…
jillypeppa May 31, 2010


tehe! click here for the vblog! vblogvblogvbloggggg click here! xo, visit my Daily Fashion blog: http://itsmanufactured1987.blogspot.com tumblr: http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com
jillypeppa May 25, 2010
the night is young.pic

the night is young.

this was last night around Chelsea. Elena looks soo glowy and i look like a vampire, soo pale! haha my interview went great! hopefully i get…
jillypeppa May 15, 2010


this is a new ring i just got! its beautiful isn't it!? check out my blog for the interview with the designer and more photos. So…
jillypeppa May 11, 2010
waiting area.pic

waiting area.

listening to Katy Perry's California Gurls ft snoop dogg!amazing! such a dance song.so i have so much to do this weekend! updating my blog-which i…
jillypeppa May 07, 2010
party of a life time.pic

party of a life time.

Cody and i at my birthday party at Goldbar fridiay night. Best nights i ever had, im so blessed to have the bestest friends ever…
jillypeppa May 02, 2010
blow out your candle!pic

blow out your candle!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Yayaya Insert a Birthday dance here ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )like the black eye peas once said:"I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a…
jillypeppa Apr 30, 2010
a touch of lace.pic

a touch of lace.

Just got back from the venue im having my birthday party and i almost died of excitement! oh jesus! you should have seen me haha…
jillypeppa Apr 26, 2010
cold dust girl.pic

cold dust girl.

four days until my birthday! since i am planing my birthday party all by myself, i have been more busy than ever! i have about 38…
jillypeppa Apr 25, 2010
gavin degraw.pic

gavin degraw.

Went to the When the Night falls event and guess who was there standing right next to me, good ol' gavin degraw. =] more info visit. http://whenthenightcomes.com/
jillypeppa Apr 24, 2010
style icon.pic

style icon.

i get asked whos my style icon and i have too many to answer that question in less than 5mins. I can say that Betty…
jillypeppa Apr 23, 2010
flower power.pic

flower power.

everyone at school stops me to tell me "omg it's the Samantha ring from SATC!" i think i must have missed it because i dont…
jillypeppa Apr 21, 2010


don't tell anyone i listen to music in class. Only experts on not getting caught can perfect this. oh by the way sit front row. never…
jillypeppa Apr 16, 2010
dress me.pic

dress me.

so i haven't shopped in almost a month, which if you know me, that's unreal...you might actually believe i'm lying...all real people, all real. School…
jillypeppa Apr 11, 2010


yeah thats what i look like here. ive been busy all week, which is insaneeeeness! thats what happens when you put too much things on your…
jillypeppa Apr 09, 2010
stella and che.pic

stella and che.

i was at a photoshoot last night with marie havens. Can't wait to show you how the photos came out, i love them! its more…
jillypeppa Apr 05, 2010
nylon magagine topshoptopman partypic

nylon magagine + topshop/topman party

this was last night at topshop, free booze,discounts on clothes, photos and music. My kind of party.sunday is easter! I have a lovely photoshoot with…
jillypeppa Apr 02, 2010
gold bar.pic

gold bar.

today has been one of those days where i dont care how much of a mess i look. Its been raining so bad on my…
jillypeppa Mar 30, 2010
glory week.pic

glory week.

Yeahhhh its Spring Break!!!! thats all. =] oh a new BuzzStreetStyle next monday! visit my Daily Fashion blog: http://itsmanufactured1987.blogspot.com tumblr: http://manufactured1987.tumblr.com
jillypeppa Mar 28, 2010
one week.pic

one week.

spring break here i come! well almost coming, i still have plenty of midterms and studying to do before i can scream victory. tomorrow will me hectic…
jillypeppa Mar 24, 2010
fall rain, fall.pic

fall rain, fall.

a week of amazing weather concludes to one thing...rain. We can never have great weather without a downpour of rain at the end. started to…
jillypeppa Mar 22, 2010
paper ganstapic

paper gansta

what a beautiful couple of days has it been! today we have a 74 degree heaven, and im liking it, very,very much.off to inhale in…
jillypeppa Mar 20, 2010


im happy today thanks to the great thing we call sun. its super beautiful here, which is an icing on my day. Happy St. Pattys…
jillypeppa Mar 17, 2010


off to diana warner to pick up my french textbook in which i left it friday to make my bag lighter for the show. the weather…
jillypeppa Mar 15, 2010
sneak peek.pic

sneak peek.

i woke up early to edit last nights fashion show/party [new york couture]. It was soo amazing although the venue was another story...this will be…
jillypeppa Mar 13, 2010
New York Couture Fashion Showpic

New York Couture Fashion Show

"CELEBRATE New York Couture designer Cassie K.'s BIRTHDAY and experience the NEWEST collection first-hand...before it hits stores!!!Party Information:Date: Friday March 12th, 2010Location: Greenhouse- 150 Varick…
jillypeppa Mar 10, 2010
morden love.pic

morden love.

what a beautiful day! i can hear the birds singing because winter has left the buildingggggg!im happy. =]this photo is out of many i took…
jillypeppa Mar 08, 2010


my package came in the mall today! oh if you dont know i wasted a whole lotta money on clothes and a bag and it…
jillypeppa Mar 05, 2010


so i have two exams tomorrow afternoon. Math & French. i usually crunch before an exam, not the best way to study but it works most of the times…
jillypeppa Mar 03, 2010
some things.pic

some things.

Ive been working on a few projects lately. Something i should have started a long time agoooo. These are some of the things i got this…
jillypeppa Mar 01, 2010
down time.pic

down time.

emily and i pretty much have the apartment to ourselves, for a week. So what do two girls do while a snowstorm goes on, well watches…
jillypeppa Feb 28, 2010


the snow hasn't stopped yet...my mom is in dominican republic right now for my grandma's year anniversary, since her passing away. Wish i was over…
jillypeppa Feb 26, 2010


lately it's been raining sooo much here, like intense winds mixed with brick cold rain. It's even worst when your holding to your umbrella for…
jillypeppa Feb 24, 2010
true story.pic

true story.

ive been going around and around with this thing we call love...why does it have to be sooo f'ing confusing! rawr!
jillypeppa Feb 22, 2010


my current obsession. black and white striped shirts. whats yours? xo
jillypeppa Feb 20, 2010
bummed out.pic

bummed out.

today was the day we all walked real slow exiting the last day at nyfw fall 2010....i will miss it. But all i have now…
jillypeppa Feb 18, 2010
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